Written by Hellcat Wednesday, 11 March 2009
For a band that was technically started a full decade ago, one might think that a huge following would be a given. Nope. Not for The Nim Nims. Their band name comes from a Kurt Vonnegut reference and originated in 1999.

They were off to a slow start due to band co-founder, Zach Bridges, moving to Florida soon after they got off the ground. The band consists of a menagerie of artists with very diverse backgrounds. The wide range of musical influences contributes to the band’s unique sound. Generally, about here in an article, I explain to my readers what the band actually sounds like, comparing them to a cross between Band A and Band B with a touch of Band C. I truly cannot do that with The Nim Nims. They don’t sound like anything I know, really, except for good.

Blake Debar on guitar, lead vocals, and lyrical mastermind, has a bit of acoustic and indie rock in his roots, whereas Robert Waller on bass has his own set of roots in his past…Milele Roots and some choir. Clay Bowen on drums, formerly of Beyonce, has a Masters in loud and a Bachelors in Modest Mouse, Dusty „Jordan who plays lead guitar, pulls more from Southern rock and is rumored to listen to KZ-100. Zach Bridges took a lesson from Will Ferrell and totally gives you more cowbell than you knew you could handle, as well as percussion and synthesizer.

You can hear all of these, which is probably why you can’t put your finger on a single label or category to attach to them. ‘There is nothing I hate more than listening to something that sounds contrived. One thing I’m proud of is our original sound,” says Zach. Clay joined up in 2003, and Zach rejoined when he moved back in late 2007. Maybe this was the combination they needed, as soon enough, their fan base started to climb.„ literally one person at a time.

I think I know a few things about the local music scene, and I had heard of them but never heard them. I stumbled upon them online while searching for Chattanooga bands to book with The Tammys. I wrote Wake arid told him I’d like a CD. I popped the CD in my Car radio and by the second song was calling Blake to give him his option of dales. That was about a month ago, and with the exception of momentary MUSIC research, the CD has found residency in my player. I Cove them. How did I overlook them all this time? I feel kinda foolish and apologetic to have not seen something so amazing in my scene. But apparently, I’m not the only one.

The Nim Nims have been flying under the radar for years. I asked them why. Blake gave a small smirk and stared that they -haven’t gotten a lot of press or fancy promotion. Tile slow build has definitely been hard on the or self•esteem.’ Clay offers, “We don’t hang out much and we don’t self promote. We aren’t in your race. out we like it that way.-
Over the last six months the crowds have started to swell and the crowd is moving and dancing, generally demanding an encore. They all agree the crowd response is really important to them and it used to be devastating, especially to Blake, when someone would leave during their set—mainly because the crowd was four people_ The last few shows I’ve attended were packed out and pulsating. Zach explains, ‘We may not have gotten fans immediately, but they have started to warm up to us, finally. Because OW following came slowly, the fans we do have are pretty hardcore fans, corning to every show and singing the songs. Honestly, I %voted rather have those fans rather than the ones that are only at the show for the beer specials.”

My reaction, however, was immediate, and I will rock their band shirt as soon as I get my hands on it. I am a lyric-s person and I love that the songs are about real and personal experiences, which often tends to obscure references and inside jokes but relatable circumstances. These guys are really fun and obviously don’t take themselves too seriously. Because the members are such good friends outside of the band, songwriting comes easy, as they all have a mutual respect for each other and they all pull from different inspiration, Material is not something they are short on, boasting about 50 songs in their song bank, and recording another album is next on their agenda. (Please, please, please.) If you like live music, dancing, fun, or lyrical gems you will have several upcoming opportunities to meet your new favorite bend. They are playing with T.J. Grever & Friends and Taxicab Racers on March 17 at Rhythm and Brews and The Riverhouse March 21 with The Tammys.